Do you know that blue whale is the biggest animal in the world?
Do you know that one of the best places in the world to see blue whales is Mirissa in Sri Lanka?

Do you know that blue whales migrate during October to April from the south cold polar waters (Antarctica) to the warm tropical north waters (Sri Lanka) for breeding and during May to September they migrate from the warmer waters to colder waters for feeding?   

Blue whales in Mirissa

Some facts about blue whales

Maximum lenght: 33.6 metres
Maximum weight: 173 tonnes
Weight of the heart: 180 kg
Lenght of life: up to 90 years
Maximum speed: 50 km per hour
Feeding: krill, sometimes up to 3 600 kg per day
Birth interval for the same mother: every 2-3 years
Weight at birth: 2.5 tonnes
Lenght at birth: 7 metres
Gestation period: 10-11 months
Blue whale calves drink 380–570 litres of milk per day

Population in the world: 10 000 - 25 000 
Where they live: North Atlantic, North Pacific, Northern Indian Ocean